The Australian Financial Advisory Network

AFAN is an option for financial advice & risk professionals to keep the businesses they have built and add a diversified range of services.

Fight the rising costs of running a risk advice practice

What we are hearing from Risk Advisers is that the cost of the compliance burden, time and complexity of abiding by the rules, is taking away from their ability to provide simple advice in the best interests of their clients. Do we remain overworked and unhappy, be forced out with nothing, or do we choose to continue on our own terms?
AFAN is a chance to add value, to pass on your knowledge & experience and to exit the industry on your own terms.
It’s the chance to continue to earn income &, more importantly, the chance to continue to have a purpose.
You have worked hard to build your business and reputation, you want to offer your clients value through access to specialist advice and work within an efficient and professionally run practice.
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AFAN gives you access to


How many opportunities slip through your fingers either because you do not provide the requisite services or your systems have not been set up to notify you when events are taking place in your clients’ lives? AFAN’s marketing systems are constantly fine-tuned to ensure that clients are regularly kept up-to-date on our full range of services & that Advisers are able to communicate the benefits of these services at the appropriate time.


Proficient administration in the financial services industry is vital – our clients’ livelihoods are literally at stake – so experience & an eye for detail are essential, even more so post FOFA & the Hayne Royal Commission. AFAN’s administration team has a wealth of industry experience & knowledge which simply provides advisers & clients alike with a great deal of comfort knowing that the job simply gets done.


AFAN’s founding partners have spent decades learning, researching & developing what many have called the most thorough & informative strategic advice documents in the industry. Our intellectual property forms the body of our statements of advice which are carefully prepared by our outsourced paraplanning firm.

Claims Management

In our opinion this is what sorts the wheat out from the chaff & our 100% success rate in having claims approved speaks for itself. It all starts with making sure that each client file is ‘claims ready’ so that money is deposited into the clients’ bank accounts as quickly as possible & with a minimum of fuss.

With extended services for

Estate Planning
Aged Care
Finance & Lending
Cash Flow Management
Planning to Retire
We want to know more about your business.
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Let the numbers speak!

With enough data, the numbers speak for themselves.


Years of professional experience


Happy clients

claims management


What is important to us

“When an individual contributes to the wider social group, everyone benefits – including the individual.”

Teamwork - AFAN requires a single mindset to value add to the financial services industry.

“A chance to continue building the business you created, to share knowledge & experience; the chance to continue to have purpose, to add value and to build a future you can be proud of.”

Our Values







Our business experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Founder & CEO

Craig Ball

Founder & Director

Paul Geisel

Founder & Director

Ian Macpherson

Office Management & Claims Processing

Celeste Roberts

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