Making sure that ALL of our client’s professional advisers (Accountant, Solicitor, Financial Planner, Broker, Consultants etc.) are on the same page so that we can achieve the very best outcome.

AFAN offers a very comprehensive range of services to clients all around Australia, whether it be direct via one of AFAN’s specialists or indirect via our aligned business partners:

  • from assisting elderly loved ones with aged care requirements to providing tax-free income streams to minor children on the unfortunate death of a parent;
  • from providing finance for large commercial projects to simply helping the kids with their first home loan;
  • from ensuring you have sufficient funds for retirement to managing retirement income streams; or
  • simply making sure that your personal and/or business assets are protected and passed on to those whom you choose.


Craig Ball

"Our objective at AFAN is to provide a vehicle that allows our clients to make informed choices, and the best way to achieve this is via education."


“I want to leave money for those I love, not the tax office”

“I would like to be able to make educated decisions about my assets."

“How do I know when to include a lawyer, accountant or finance broker?"

"We have to make decision about aged care for my parnets, but I don't know where to start"

"I don't want to retire yet, but I want to know I can comfortably one day."


AFAN allows both experienced and younger advisers to leverage off each other’s skills to meet the client’s needs.

Advisers join AFAN so their clients can access a range of services from highly skilled specialists.

When advisers join AFAN they become part of a community with a culture of sharing skills and expertise to enable their clients to make informed decisions.

Technically speaking it’s an administration company with a range of specialists providing their areas of expertise to clients in Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Risk Advice, General Insurance, Aged Care, Finance & lending, financial counselling, cash flow management and more.


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