AFAN was developed to enable Financial Services Professionals the ability to take control of their own destinies.

AFAN represents an opportunity to remain in your chosen industry, the ability to continue to add value & to pass on your knowledge & experience, the chance to exit the industry on your own terms, the opportunity to continue to earn income &, more importantly, a future within the financial services industry, continuing to act with purpose.


Craig Ball

Never before has our industry witnessed such dramatic changes. I think we all agree that raising the education & ethical standards for any industry is not a bad thing, however, it appears that our decision-makers have taken a sledgehammer approach with these latest requirements.

This industry used to be a lot of fun &, unfortunately, a few bad eggs & a number of misinformed politicians have given the rest of us one almighty challenge.

“I don’t want to sell my business”

“I need other options”

“I love doing what I do”

"I don’t want to do the degree”

"I don't want to retire yet."


AFAN allows both experienced and younger advisers to leverage off each other’s skills to meet the client’s needs.

Advisers join AFAN primarily because they are looking for options other than undertaking a 4-year degree or exiting the industry on unfavourable terms. The added benefit of an adviser joining AFAN is that their clients can now access a range of additional services previously unavailable through the traditional one person operation.  When advisers join AFAN they become part of a community with a culture of sharing skills and expertise. They and their clients will be able to make informed decisions and have access to the services of highly skilled specialists.

Technically speaking it’s an administration company with a range of specialists providing their areas of expertise to clients in Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Risk Advice, General Insurance, Aged Care, Finance & lending, financial counselling, cash flow management and more.



AFAN allows us to continue to add value, be part of a professional community, have a purpose and an income.

For clients there is comfort knowing they maintain the relationship with their adviser as well as have access to other skills and expertise they may require through highly skilled advisers with similar values and expertise.

For advisers there is the comfort of knowing that their client’s needs are fully taken care of, and that they are still adding value and have a purpose.

“I need other options”, “I don’t want to sell my business”, “I love doing what I do”, “I don’t want to do the degree”, “I can’t afford to retire”, “If I am forced out, I have nothing else to fall back on”. These are just a few of the many comments we hear from advisers all around Australia & the reason why we came together to form AFAN. As an industry we cannot afford to lose the experience that our decision-makers seem so intent to off-load.

“We have an obligation to those who have spent decades building this industry”

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