Craig Ball


Craig’s attention to detail & technical expertise is recognized in the financial services industry with many accountants, financial planners & risk advisers seeking his assistance with their own client’s business and personal needs.


Ian Macpherson

DipFS (FP), ACL Holder

Ian is a unique combination of professional banker polish, business acumen and a keen sense of humour.  Qualities he relies upon to solve complex client challenges from both a financial and personal perspective.


Paul Geisel

Accredited Aged Care Specialist, Dip FP, CFP, (C.Dec)

Paul wears his heart on his sleeve, his approach is always with open honesty, empathy, kindness and humour.  These traits ensure his client’s experience less stress and concern during this considerable life change as he understands the toll it can have on the person and all family members involved.

Our Specialists


Craig Ball

I work with families and businesspeople who want to know that their hard-earned assets will end up in the right hands.

Craig and his team know the rules and systems to ensure you have a properly structured Estate Plan. 

“We believe in open and honest communication & we take the time to properly understand your circumstances.  This experience ensures that you receive a clear, well thought out plan to provide an appropriate & tax-effective legacy to those you choose.”

It is a matter of simple planning, efficient processing and good service.


Ian Macpherson

I work with Individuals, their Companies and Trusts who require a broad spectrum of financing solutions from simple mortgages through to complex personal and business solutions. As a credit licensee / business analyst who enjoys solving debt problems, I rely upon decades of experience, valuable connections and knowledge.

The aim is to ensure the best client outcomes whether it’s from an investment perspective or as a debt solution by discovering the “need behind the need”. That is to say, getting to the heart of the core issues and working together with the client to provide an elegant solution.


Paul Geisel

I work with families & individuals who want to know their options when it comes to aged care.

We know the rules and systems, we listen openly and endeavour to provide a solution with as little stress as possible by identify at least 2 Aged Care Facilities, within the geographic location and including the amenities required then discuss the options to allow an education decision to be made.

It is a matter of simple planning, knowledge and empathy.

Our Consultants


David Baccinelli

He started his business within the Financial Services sector in 2001, with his passion focused clearly on servicing his client’s needs with personal, professional and caring attention. Claims have always been at the pinnacle of his work, being there for each and every one of his clients at this moment in time, to facilitate a smooth and easy process.

His own experience with a near death accident in 1993 has taught him the importance of having the right insurance in place at the right time. Having personal experience on both sides of the fence has been a real asset and gives him hands-on knowledge and empathy for each of his clients.

David is married with 2 children and enjoys living on their hobby farm procuring food and creating a life that they have always dreamed of.


Mike Donohue

Mike has been in the financial services industry for the past 34 years. He spent nine years with AXA and 16 years with ING (now OnePath/IOOF). Mike worked in management for both companies and holds a Diploma of Financial Planning 1-6.

Mike then started his own advice business in 2010 with his wife Donna and was Joint Director, Business Principal and Authorised Representative of MF & DM Donohue Pty Ltd, which traded as WealthNext. His was a hands-on role as a corporate authorised representative and he draws from his extensive years of experience and brings that experience to the AFAN team.

Mike recognises that success does not happen by accident. It happens when you set goals, plan carefully and make informed decisions based on the advice of a financial services firm with a proven track record of success.

Our Team


Celeste Roberts

Celeste is the absolute epitome of a discreet, professional and caring Executive Assistant.  Her presence is calm, efficient and reliable, she has a solid background in office administrative, maintains a high degree of professionalism, is strongly focussed on confidentiality and has a quiet knowledge of where one fits in the higher scheme of things.

Celeste treats all people with equal respect, she successfully manages a variety of administrative duties and claim processes, plays a vital role in assisting management and takes client support very seriously.

Celeste and her husband have a son in Brisbane and a daughter in London. Celeste enjoys babysitting their grandsons, travelling and is committed to the community and volunteer work.


Ashlee Le Roux

Ashlee is a strong believer in protecting what’s important – to her this is ‘family’ – & working in the area of personal insurance allows her to help protect the unknown in life.

She is married with two young active boys, which keeps her very busy & on her toes. She is passionate about health & fitness and loves taking on a challenge.


Georgia Lane

Georgia is a connector of people and a strong believer in branding and marketing.

Many years at the "big end of town" with ANZ, Telstra, Toshiba, Microsoft, Skandia gave Georgia the experience of managing brands, creating marketing programs and managing teams.

“Marketing is a journey, not a destination – there are so many facets, you just need the right team, platforms and processes.”

Founder & President of Women of Influence, Marketing consultant and her other loves include her family, children Jaime and Nicolas and husband Derek.


P 07 3726 0091 | M 0409 980 474

E [email protected] I

Suite 20, Level 1, Coronation Place, 10 Benson Street, Toowong | QLD 4066 




Nancy Brandon

Nancy has over 20 years’ experience working in financial services practices. She really enjoys engaging with our clients and will help you feel comfortable as well as answer any questions you have around administration and support.

Her experience is invaluable particularly in regard to client file management, compliance, systems and processes development.

Nancy is a Mum and a Grandmother, she has a son and a Grandson and hoping there will soon be more grandchildren on the way. 


P 07 3726 0091


Suite 20, Level 1, Coronation Place, 10 Benson Street, Toowong | QLD 4066 

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