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Happy (belated) new year – we hope that 2021 is going to be a little more settled for us all compared to the crazy year we have just experienced.

As you are now probably aware AFAN offers a very comprehensive range of services to clients all around Australia, whether it be direct via one of AFAN’s specialists or indirect via our aligned business partners:

  • from assisting elderly loved ones with aged care requirements to providing tax-free income streams to minor children on the unfortunate death of a parent;
  • from providing finance for large commercial projects to simply helping the kids with their first home loan;
  • from ensuring you have sufficient funds for retirement to managing retirement income streams; or
  • simply making sure that your personal and/or business assets are protected and passed on to those whom you choose.
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Our objective at AFAN is to provide a vehicle that allows our clients to make informed choices, and the best way to achieve this is via education.

Our intention is to provide regular education to you free of charge – as we have articulated from day 1, you should never feel obligated to use our services but we will always be happy to assist you when called upon. You will notice regular communication coming your way from us which hopefully will be of some value either to you personally or to someone you care about. Obviously you have the choice to opt out of (or back into) this communication at any point but please let us know if you would prefer information on specific subjects.

In the meantime please have a look around this newly updated website, and if you visit our site regularly, you may just come across a video or article that can shed some light on a complex matter that has just surfaced in your life.

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At AFAN, we are driven to achieving the very best outcomes for every individual and every unique circumstance.  We know that no two families are the same. That no two set of financial affairs are the same.  So, while some find the notion of estate planning a little uncomfortable – facing one’s mortality – there really is no better thing you can do for your family.

As with everything, the first step is the hardest to take.  We are here to guide you.