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Navigating the business environment in 2020 was difficult enough for financial services professionals as we faced the reality of being told to “get a degree or get out”.  Now the entire world has gone crazy as COVID-19 delivers a new set of changes and uncertainties.  Many of our clients are experiencing financial stress, consumer confidence is low and business continuity is out the window.

In challenging times, it’s more important than ever before that we put customer care at the top of our priority list – and at the centre of everything they do. It’s also important for us all to accept that there are things we cannot control, but also consider what we can do to adapt and get on with things.

Australian Financial Advisory Network (AFAN) would like to help you do this by putting you in touch with our professional community.

We invite you to our very first live webinar starting at 10:00 am Thursday April 30th.

The theme for our first series of webinars: It’s time to adapt and act.  Providing you with the inspiration to take action in your business and demonstrate ways you can do this.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Keeping your customers, employees, partners and communities connected during the current crisis and recovery
  • Providing proactive and targeted communication with your clients when they need it most
  • How other professional service providers are doing this



He is a coach, trainer, Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy & the Founder of The Optimised Dad movement. 

David has coached and led men from all over in one on one breakthrough sessions and in group coaching programs resulting in marriages reigniting, careers transforming and Dads owning their true purpose.


Craig is a fantastic colleague; he is very good at his chosen niche of Estate Planning and is well respected for the value he offers in this area.  

His business is run with efficiency, he is a firm and fair Manager and is generous with his knowledge and time.  While being a disciplined individual, he also loves a laugh, is not afraid of new adventures and is creative in his approach.


Kieran Hoare is a Director of Merthyr, he advises on investment structures within SMSFs, navigating the regulatory framework, dealing with the ATO, estate planning and disputes.

Kieran stays in touch and provides value to his network through regular posts on Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook.


FORMAT: Your MC is the popular industry personality Lachy Macdonald, just like his good mate Hamish Macdonald on ABC’s Q&A, Lachy will facilitate the session by introducing a panel of experts and engaging in a conversation with them followed by question time from the “audience”.

Each session will be supported by social media platforms LinkedIn and FaceBook with closed groups to allow the professional community to engage.


The most important thing is to act, be armed with the facts and to plan and communicate.
If you need help with this, please contact us at [email protected]


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