After working with large teams for many years, Craig decided that he ‘no longer wanted to conquer the world’. Said in jest obviously, he now wants to keep things simple, concentrating on helping his clients with their needs & continuing to provide valuable education & assistance to the financial services industry on Estate Planning.

Craig’s attention to detail & technical expertise is recognized in the financial services industry with many accountants, financial planners & risk advisers seeking his assistance with their own client’s business and personal needs.

He joined the financial services industry in 1988 after serving his country for seven years with the Royal Australian Navy. Most of that time was spent on board H.M.A.S Brisbane, which included working alongside the US 6th Fleet in the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq war. 

“I spent many years on a Destroyer working in the Combat Information Centre. This is the warfare centre of a naval vessel, a place where the stakes are very high, where life & death decisions are made regularly, & where every member of the team is expected to perform their task with haste, precision & professionalism.”

This discipline is evident in the way Craig manages his practice & structures his client’s affairs.

“I have a broad understanding of the legal documentation required to achieve the desired outcome; the processes involved in administering the estate and/or the exit of a business partner/shareholder.”

Discipline is also apparent in Craig’s excellent health and process driven approach to all things. 

My wife calls it (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but when I commit to a challenge nothing distracts me.”

However, there is also a completely light and relatable side to Craig.  He is sincere, genuine and kind; he has many long-term and meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues, and always finds time for a laugh and to enjoy himself. Craig is a musician, an entrepreneur, a proud Dad and Grand Dad, a loyal husband and a warm, friendly and generous friend and colleague.

In 2010 Craig & his team developed The Allocator software program, Australia’s first on-line Estate Planning tool. Many financial planners & risk advisers around Australia now use The Allocator software to obtain optimum income & taxation outcomes for their clients.

Another achievement that Craig & his team are very happy to divulge is their impeccable claims record: “We still maintain a 100% success rate with claims for our clients. After 25+ years in business it is something that I am very proud of, but it simply comes down to getting the processes right (no short cuts!) at the start”.

I think it is when you lose someone close to you that you see the real value in what Craig does.” - Tracey


I work with families and businesspeople who want to know that their hard-earned assets will end up in the right hands.

Craig and his team know the rules and systems to ensure you have a properly structured Estate Plan. 

“We believe in open and honest communication & we take the time to properly understand your circumstances.  This experience ensures that you receive a clear, well thought out plan to provide an appropriate & tax-effective legacy to those you choose.”

It is a matter of simple planning, efficient processing and good service.


Craig is a fantastic colleague; he is very good at his chosen niche of Estate Planning and is well respected for the value he offers in this area.  His business is run with efficiency, he is a firm and fair Manager and is generous with his knowledge and time.  While being a disciplined individual, he also loves a laugh, is not afraid of new adventures and is creative in his approach.

Members of the AFAN group will enjoy being part of his warm, friendly and positive professional network.  They will also benefit from his attention to detail and process driven approach to all things.

Craig’s love of learning also means he is constantly developing his skills and knowledge and is generous in sharing them with others.

“My most valuable skill is my creativity – writing, visualising, creating something from nothing or simply coming up with solutions to problems. Using my creativity productively gives me immense joy & satisfaction. I also enjoy teaching (& I think I am OK at this), whether it is one-on-one, in small workshops or in large seminars. Witnessing someone finally seeing the solution gives me a great deal of satisfaction.”


AFAN offers Professionals another option – the chance to remain in their chosen industry, the chance to continue to add value, the chance to pass on their knowledge & experience, the chance to exit the industry on their own terms, the chance to continue to earn income &, more importantly, the chance to continue to have purpose.

AFAN also offers consumers the opportunity to gain access to the Industry’s leading experts, & the ongoing education will ensure that consumers can make informed choices.


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