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"Does AFAN provide marketing support to you so you can promote the other services offered through AFAN such as aged care, lending, general insurance etc?”

The answer is - Yes. We provide education, tips and value in various ways such as articles, videos, events, newsletters and social media. The aim is to allow advisers to help clients in all aspects of their financial well being by giving them access to experts and specialists in the AFAN Group.

As a risk adviser, you can have access to people who are experts and will answer questions for them or provide information to solve their problems.

The types of clients we look after are people like ourselves, mature people who have busy lives and more complex situations where our needs are changing.  So while you have always looked after your clients from a risk perspective, life insurance might not be the most important thing anymore and they would like to know that you can introduce them to another trusted source for other types of services such as aged care, finance and lending, estate planning, general insurance and so on.

Answered by Georgia Lane – Director of Marketing