AFAN offers consumers the opportunity to gain access to the Industry’s leading experts & the
ongoing education will ensure that consumers can make informed choices.


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Who is the typical target market for AFAN?

Risk advisers. Financial Services professionals who have been in the business for at least ten years and are now seeking options considering the new education requirements (FASEA).

Is AFAN a Dealer Group or AFSL?

No. AFAN is a Cooperative of like-minded financial service professionals who have decided to take their destinies into their own hands.

What Services will Advisers get access to through AFAN?
  • Administration
  • Claims Management
  • Paraplanning
  • Marketing
  • Compliance
  • Wealth platform and CRM
  • Commission management
  • Advice (under Corporate AR)
  • Education through professional community
  • Events
What is the cost to join AFAN?

There is no initial joining fee unless of course, you wish to become an equity partner. Ask us how.  

Do I have to introduce my clients to the extended service offering?

No.  However there are benefits to you doing so.  Your clients can gain access to extended services and you may receive an additional income where they engage those extended services.

Who will join AFAN?

Risk advisers, financial advisers, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning, SMSF and super professionals who have built their own business and are affected by the new education requirements (and who fit our culture) including:

  • Financial services professionals who are willing to take control of their own destinies.
  • those who believe in teamwork with a single mindset to value add.
  • individuals with integrity, both for the business and the client outcomes.
  • people who are seeking to retire or semi-retire in the next 10 years.
  • younger advisers seeking to increase knowledge and connect with experienced colleagues.
What is the AFAN Vision?

AFAN was developed to enable Financial Services Professionals to take control of their own destinies.

AFAN represents an opportunity to remain in your chosen industry, the ability to continue to add value & to pass on your knowledge &  experience, the chance to exit the industry on
your own terms, the opportunity to continue to earn income & more importantly, a future
within the financial services industry, continuing to act with purpose. 

What are the AFAN Values?
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Professionalism
What do the values mean when it comes to behaviour of AFAN?
  • Act professionally and have a professional office environment (Look and feel)
  • Generously educating – clients through seminars, new graduates who are employed by AFAN, new staff etc.
  • Discipline – we will all just need to do whatever is required. We will not be able to afford to carry anyone.
  • Consistency – there will be many clients who have never been given the opportunity to utilize services like AFAN offers. We need to make sure that our advice, regardless of who is providing it, is consistent, strategic & in the client’s very best interest.
  • Be a good corporate citizen – Support a charity that involves both physical and financial contribution from the business and its people.
  • Continue to engage in learning/training workshops for all participants in the business.
  • Connecting with the community.

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