Working with families and business people who want to know that their hard-earned assets will end up in the right hands.

Residential and investment lending, commercial lending, equipment finance & agribusiness lending.

Assistance with locating a home of choice and ensuring your loved ones have the right funding strategies to meet upfront and ongoing care expenses.

Superannuation for young people and lifestyle planning for those approaching retirement age.

What does the future hold?

What we are hearing from Risk Advisers is that the cost of the compliance burden, time and complexity of abiding by the rules, is taking away from their ability to provide simple advice in the best interests of their clients.

Do we remain overworked and unhappy, be forced out with nothing or do we choose to continue, on our own terms?

AFAN is a chance to add value, to pass on our knowledge & experience and to exit the industry on our own terms; it’s the chance to continue to earn income &, more importantly, the chance to continue to have purpose.

You have worked hard to build your business and reputation, you want to offer your clients value through access to specialist advice and work within an efficient and professionally run administration, paraplanning, claims management and marketing service.

We are not an industry body; we are not a dealer group.

We are people who care, working with people who care.

Australian Financial Advisory Services - AFAN

Craig Ball, Director & Founder


What is

We are not an industry body; we are not a dealer group.

AFAN is an umbrella over your business, offering you:

  • National branding, marketing and PR
  • Professional development
  • Paraplanning
  • Financial services administration
  • Insurance claims management
  • Additional client services
  • Additional remuneration channels
  • Client education
  • A community for current & ex advisers


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How does
AFAN work?

Technically speaking it’s an administration company with a range of specialists providing their areas of expertise so that clients can access expert care and service in Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Risk Advice, General Insurance, Aged Care, Finance & lending, financial counselling, cash flow management and more.

Advisers join AFAN primarily because they are looking for options other than undertaking a 4-year degree or exiting the industry on unfavourable terms. The added benefit of an adviser joining AFAN is that their clients can now access a range of additional services previously unavailable through the traditional one-person operation.

Stay connected
With your colleagues

AFAN allows both experienced and younger advisers to leverage off each other’s skills to meet the client’s needs.  When advisers join AFAN they become part of a community with a culture of sharing skills and expertise. They and their clients will be able to make informed decisions and have access to the services of highly skilled specialists.

Let the number speak for us and our happy community and clients

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the AFAN team
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