Ian is a unique combination of professional banker polish, business acumen and a keen sense of humour.  Qualities he relies upon to solve complex client challenges from both a financial and personal perspective.

With 30 years of global expertise across several financial market disciplines in Sydney, London & Tokyo, Ian brings a unique mix of industry experience and competency to scale business by driving employee engagement and securing client advocacy. Former Vice President & senior advisor at Credit Suisse Private Bank and Division Director with Macquarie Private Bank, Ian is now Founder and MD of Artemis Capital as well as Director and board member of financial software company XFM Tech.

Ian is confident at taking a measured risk approach to achieve business outcomes, however, takes a far more conservative approach when dealing with clients and their specific needs and objectives or where the reputation of the business may be at stake.

Described as articulate, discrete, conscientious & knowledgeable he is prepared to take the lead or break new ground where necessary.  With a strong personal reputation and a network of contacts spanning Private Bank, Investment Bank and client circles alike, his ability to solve client requirements is far reaching.  He treats all people with respect, is an honest, forthright, warm, friendly and great company.

Ian is a strong role model for his teenage son and still enjoys the physical challenges of his school days including rowing training at 4 am. Other interests include surfing and skiing.

“The values I respect and demonstrate in my business life are Integrity, Honesty and keeping an open mind to learn new things. Respect for the people you are dealing with.”


I work with Individuals, their Companies and Trusts who require a broad spectrum of financing solutions from simple mortgages through to complex personal and business solutions. As a credit licensee / business analyst who enjoys solving debt problems, I rely upon decades of experience, valuable connections and knowledge.

The aim is to ensure the best client outcomes whether it’s from an investment perspective or as a debt solution by discovering the “need behind the need”. That is to say, getting to the heart of the core issues and working together with the client to provide an elegant solution.


For individuals and families, companies and Trusts who have complex financial needs, Ian can offer emotional relief. Members of AFAN can benefit from having access to services that a lot of people either worry about, put off doing, or feel that it is too complex for them to achieve on their own.


Teamwork - AFAN requires a single mindset to value add to the Financial Planning industry. Each AFAN founder brings a different skill set to the table. Working as a team is crucial for delivering to the client need. Not all of our skills will be required at the same time, however, can be offered when the need has been identified for the client at delivered on the basis of their best interest.


Ian Macpherson

Artemis Capital Pty Ltd

ABN 28 124 174 063

ACL 491971

P 07 3326 0505 I M 0488 149 129

E [email protected] I www.artemiscapitaloz.com

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-macpherson-b383502b/