People who care, working with people who care.

Marketing can be a challenge for many SME owners and managers - if you are busy serving clients and running your business where do you find the time to create content, share it with your community, and build a brand?

Georgia Lane has been a marketing professional for nearly three decades, working with Telstra, Toshiba, Activision, and ANZ.  She created Women of Influence and works with Australia's leading branding and professional development agency BRAND NEW YOU.

She is very proud to be a part of the Australian Financial Advisory Network (AFAN) and to have worked with the Directors to create a brand that is recognised and respected in the Australian financial services industry.

Georgia believes that branding is a process and that once you have the right tools, you can combine traditional communication with new-age marketing to create a professional business that attracts the right client...even when you're sleeping.


Join Georgia Lane and Craig Ball

10:00 am Thursday 20 August join us for a free via live webinar, when our Director and Founder Craig Ball will talk to Georgia about the AFAN brand and how they have created it from being just an idea to a living, breathing marketing machine.

You will learn the marketing secrets, tools and tips to build your own brand without costing a fortune.