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Aged Care. As Australians, we see the advertisements on television, but it is not something that we deal with until it is literally thrust into our laps. If I was suddenly having to deal with the aged care needs of an elderly parent, what are my first steps?  In this webinar our Founder and Director Craig Ball talks with Co-Director and Aged Care specialist Paul Geisel to answer these questions and more:

  • What options do elderly Australians have in this area?
  • What are the advantages, disadvantages & costs of each of these options?
  • What about as an Adviser to assist clients when they have an elderly parent who needs assistance in this area.

Watch the full video:

After many years at the big end of town, working for institutions, managing large teams and being recognised as a strong leader, Paul has found his niche running his own practice as an Aged Care Specialist.  “My main role is to assist the elderly folk transition from their family home into an aged care facility, of their choice.”

Accredited Aged Care Specialist

Our MC and Host is CRAIG BALL


After working with large teams for many years, Craig decided that he ‘no longer wanted to conquer the world’. Said in jest obviously, he now wants to keep things simple, concentrating on helping his clients with their needs & continuing to provide valuable education & assistance to the financial services industry on Estate Planning.

He also wants to connect his financial services colleagues and provide them with a third option over "Get a degree or get out."

We provide an opportunity for those Advisers who are sick & tired of all of the crap & simply want to help their clients;

But more importantly, we are people who care who simply want to work with other people who also care.

Why we built the Australian Financial Advisory Network (AFAN)?

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