How we can help?

Working with families and individuals in locating a home of choice with as little stress as possible and in doing so, ensuring they have a number of funding strategies to meet upfront and ongoing care expenses.

  • Facilitation
  • Family Consultation
  • Planning for Aged Care Living
  • Education (seminars, webinars, videos, blogs)
  • Advice
  • Mentoring

Your questions about aged care answered

What do you do if you discover that one or more of your parents, for example, are not coping quite as well at home as you would like? 

The sad reality of growing old is that many of us become compromised, leaving family and friends concerned for our ability to care for ourselves and those we live with.

Who makes the decision to look into aged care?  How do you know what you are looking for when it comes to aged care?  How do you know if your family can afford aged care?  What government assistance is there for aged care?  Where do you even start?

In many cases, these questions are only addressed when the need for aged care arises – and sometimes when the need arises – it is an immediate need.  For instance, a parent or loved one may have a fall and hospitals deem them unfit to return home.  A family member may pass away suddenly, or dementia comes on rapidly.  Sometimes we don’t have a whole lot of time to think, to weigh up options or to plan.

When faced with this situation – what do you do?

The steps

Provide you with information and education about what is involved.

Communicate what each step of the process will look like.

Provide a full written plan including a number of funding options.

Take the first step.  Just get started.

Meet our Aged Care Specialist

Paul Geisel - Accredited Aged Care Specialist

I work with families & individuals who want to know their options when it comes to aged care.

We know the rules and systems, we listen openly and endeavour to provide a solution with as little stress as possible by identify at least 2 Aged Care Facilities, within the geographic location and including the amenities required then discuss the options to allow an education decision to be made.

It is a matter of simple planning, knowledge and empathy.

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