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Following the Royal Commission, globally coordinated rate cuts and as we move forward with the commencement of Open Banking and Comprehensive Credit Reporting, there has never been a time where it has become more critical for a customer to have clean financial data. Providing each customer with a clear view of their Cash Flow and overlaying this with their goals, objectives and challenges is imperative.

The XFMTech developed AFAN software provides users with the tools required for achieving their financial goals and dreams. A user can add and track multiple accounts and set budgets, goals and have a holistic view of their current and forecasted cash flow.


The software has been designed to assist advisors and mentors in the Australian Financial Service Industry nurture their customers toward achieving both short and long-term financial goals. AFAN empowers users to share their data with AFAN Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners and Money Coaches to help make sense of where they are at and the steps required to reach their goals. By allowing customers to master their cash flow by the use of Budgeting and Goal tracking tools, we aim to become the first fin-tech | debt-tech platform helping people sleep better at night.


The system acts as a GPS for a person’s wealth. We allow the Mentor (broker or planner) to first look at where a customer is on the financial map to help them navigate a pathway forward towards achieving their goals. The Goals and cash flow modules allow users to plan and track progress. The scenario modelling tool assists users to understand the cash impact of different potential futures – visually. Scenario planning gives the ability for users to think and prepare for possible changes and make informed decisions. For example: 

  • A goal for a one-off purchase
  • An unexpected home or medical expense 
  • Can I afford to go on a holiday? 
  • What if I consolidate my debt repayments?
  • Can I afford to buy in my chosen suburb? 
  • What if my partner drops to part-time work or maternity leave? 
  • Can I start planning for retirement?

In this way the XFMTech developed, AFAN delivered Money GPS system can set up multiple goals and empower the customer to make better decisions with their money.


Further cash flow coaching is available to AFAN customers on a one-to-one basis to assist with multiple entities or complex goal setting. Please contact your adviser for further information.


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