People who care, working with people who care.

Over the last year or so we have been working very hard to bring together a number of highly accomplished specialists who will contribute their particular areas of expertise not only to those clients who we look after now but also the wider community here in South-East Queensland.


The particular areas of specialisation we now have are:


  • Aged Care
  • Personal & Commercial Finance
  • Pre & Post Retirement Planning & Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Financial Counselling

These services will be provided by the Australian Financial Advisory Network (AFAN), this organisation has been established to compliment the services that we currently provide. (Note: AFAN is not replacing the services provided by Succession & Estate Planners Pty Ltd but simply providing additional services that you may find valuable).

One of the main benefits that you will receive from AFAN will be the access to ongoing information & education delivered via regular seminars, webinars, blogs etc.


aged care information event (1)

It would be our pleasure if you could join us for our first seminar which is taking place in a few weeks’ time. One of our specialists, Mr. Paul Geisel, will be discussing a very important subject that most of us only ever address perhaps once or twice in our lifetime – “Aged Care – placing Mum & Dad in the right facility”. Paul will highlight some of the tips & traps associated with aged care & he will be joined by Mr. Kieran Hoare, from Merthyr Law, who will share a few actual case studies that all families would desperately want to avoid.

Paul Geisel

Accredited Aged Care Specialist
Accredited Aged Care Specialist

Kieran Hoare



Many of us have parents who are ageing & who, at some stage, may need to be placed in an aged care facility. Without careful guidance, or arming ourselves with the right information, the process of placing Mum &/or Dad into an aged care facility is often very expensive & time consuming. Finding out months later that our final decision was in fact the wrong decision is just soul destroying for all concerned.


Please join us for an educational event from 4:00pm Tuesday 17th March at Figs on Sylvan, Toowong (Wests Bulldogs Rugby Club). We have no doubt that you will find this event extremely valuable & informative. Please ensure you register to attend so we can arrange catering accordingly and we encourage you to invite friends, family or colleagues.


Attend our aged care education event

If you are considering aged care options for a family member and would like more information from the experts, we are holding an education event with an accredited Aged Care Specialist.