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Comments delivered by former ASIC Chairman, Mr Jeffrey Lucy, really resonate with what we at AFAN are all about, and the type of mindset that we want our planners and consultants to have in their everyday dealing with our clients

The following remarks in a 2006 speech by former ASIC Chairman Mr Jeffrey Lucy, titled ‘The financial advice industry in Australia: The regulator’s perspective’, provides a succinct overview of the significant responsibility entrusted to financial services providers:

“There is no doubt that a snapshot of the financial advice industry would reveal that the industry, as a whole, and the network of financial advisers in it, contributes significantly to Australia’s economy.

(AUSTRALIA OUT) ASIC chairman Jeffrey Lucy at a press conference after the sentencing of HIH executive Ray Williams, 15 April 2005. SMH Picture by ROBERT PEARCE (Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)

As an industry, you have responsibilities that will impact on providing for the financial future and wellbeing of many Australians. Individually, you are in a position to influence the wealth management and savings profiles of your clients.

As financial advisers, you are also in a significant position of trust with your clients. You are privy to their circumstances, needs and aspirations. You must utilise that knowledge, coupled with product knowledge, to provide relevant and responsible financial advice.

Public confidence in Australia’s capital markets is materially affected by your acceptance of your legal responsibilities and meeting your clients’ reasonable expectations.”

By Craig Ball - Founder and Director of AFAN

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