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Message from Craig Ball

On 5 February 2020 you received an email from me that was titled “Important information for Risk Advisers”.  At the bottom of that letter there was a statement that “You are receiving this email because you are a financial services professional, an AFA member or you have subscribed to our newsletter.”  I would like to advise that the inclusion of the reference to “being a member of the AFA” was a mistake.  In sending this email, I did not use an email list from the AFA and the AFA were not, in any way, involved in this email.  I apologise for any confusion or concern that this statement about AFA membership may have caused.

Our intentions were and always will be to offer advisers a third option, and to create a supportive and professional community. The new education requirements thrust upon us has caused turmoil, particularly amongst our risk-only advisers, and we do not accept that there are only two options only: 1) get a degree; or 2) get out!

We have been delighted with the response from so many advisers who are also seeking another option.

We will continue to seek solutions for our industry colleagues to ensure that their valuable knowledge & experience is not lost to our industry, & we will continue to provide ongoing education to the Australian public via our seminars & online educational library. Please let us know if you would like any further information.

In my opinion, our industry cannot afford to lose so many advisers. Associations like the AFA will not function effectively without decent membership; licensees will have to increase their fees to cover lost revenue; insurance companies will lose even more new business revenue & they’ll have to take on far more responsibility at claim time.

Our industry bodies appear to be sitting on their hands as valuable experience just walks out the door – experience that could be passed down to younger advisers; &, most importantly, consumers are going to have to rely on industry funds or ‘pop-up’ general advice groups for their insurance advice – this will be catastrophic, particularly when claims are submitted.

A 3rd option for Risk Advisers is now available. Over the last year or so I have been working very hard to bring together a number of highly accomplished specialists who will bring their particular areas of expertise not only to those clients who I look after, but also the wider community here in south-east Queensland.

The particular areas of specialization that I initially sought & have secured are:

  • Aged Care
  • Personal & Commercial Finance
  • Pre/post Retirement Planning & Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Financial Counselling

These services will be provided by the Australian Financial Advisory Network (AFAN), an organization established to compliment the services that Risk Advisers provide their clients. One of the main benefits that Risk Adviser’s clients will receive from AFAN will be the access to ongoing information & education delivered via regular seminars, webinars, blogs etc.


The benefits that those Risk Advisers who join AFAN will receive will be: 1) the ability to continue to earn an income; 2) the ability to earn additional income from the additional services provided to their clients; 3) the ability to control their own destinies; 4) the ability to exit on far more favourable terms; & 5) the opportunity to join a team of like-minded professionals who are building a comprehensive & dynamic financial service practice.