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Join us Thursday 5 November when we will talk with advisers just like you who had many questions about joining AFAN. They will talk about their journey and how they are fitting in and being part of the AFAN team today.

Our Founder & Director, Craig Ball, talks about our next webinar

A number of questions were raised by the advisers who have now joined AFAN:


  • Can I “test the water” and see what it’s like being part of the AFAN team, but still have an opportunity to change my mind?
  • Can I keep my own branding?
  • I would like a clear understanding of exactly what my role will be with AFAN and how I would fit the model.
  • How will I be rewarded for contributing to AFAN?
  • How do I continue to earn income and what are the cost splits?
  • Ultimately what is your vision for AFAN?
  • Should I still undertake the Graduate Diploma?

These questions and more will be discussed.

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If you are facing a decision about what to do with your risk advice business, then don't miss this live webinar 10:00 am Thursday 5 November.