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Structuring your client’s affairs to add value and protect their assets

As Financial Planners & Risk Advisers part of our role is to assist our clients in the implementation of their insurances to protect them for when something goes wrong.  What is often overlooked during client meetings is their Estate Planning needs, & often planners/advisers can inadvertently expose the very insurance proceeds that have been set up simply because the client’s circumstances were not fully understood.

Clients come to us because they want to protect themselves, their families & their assets, and failing to address their Estate Planning requirements will not only expose the family & their assets, but will often unnecessarily invite the tax office in as a beneficiary.

Many mature clients, in particular, have intricate family arrangements that can include trusts, companies, SMSFs &, more often than not, bickering children & grandchildren. Sorting out their complex webs, & trying to please all of the estate beneficiaries, can be a very difficult task & often requires Professionals from a range of disciplines working together to achieve the ideal outcome.


However, Estate Planning is a fascinating field & learning how to do it properly will not only ensure that your clients & their families will be protected,  but will help you create an additional revenue stream for your business.

Our Founder, Director and Estate Planning Specialist Craig Ball shares his skills and experience.

You will learn:

  • About the importance of Estate Planning Project Management
  • Why professional alignment is vital to a successful outcome
  • The hidden traps for advisers all and how to identify them
  • How to take the first step



After working with large teams for many years, Craig decided that he ‘no longer wanted to conquer the world’. Said in jest obviously, he now wants to keep things simple, concentrating on helping his clients with their needs & continuing to provide valuable education & assistance to the financial services industry on Estate Planning.

He also wants to connect his financial services colleagues and provide them with a third option over "Get a degree or get out."

We provide an opportunity for those Advisers who are sick & tired of all of the crap & simply want to help their clients;

But more importantly, we are people who care who simply want to work with other people who also care.

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